In previous articles we have discussed many of the construction benefits of incorporating the use of helical screw piles in building plans for a multitude of projects. We’ve covered the advantages of Screw Pile Solutions engineered installations for additions, tiny homes and cabins, as well as being an essential factor in prolonging a building foundation’s lifespan. When scoping out any project and considering the many technical merits of helical screw piles, job #1 is a careful review of the short and long term financial aspects.

Often when faced with the space constraint of a growing family or when welcoming an elder member of the family, we tend to think about pulling up stakes and relocating or demolishing and rebuilding. There is more than meets the eye when combing through the pros and cons of expanding or moving. 

In the upcoming articles we will discuss: 

  • Repairing and underpinning compromised foundations
  • Additions to an existing home 
  • Advantages and opportunities to garage suites or tiny homes

Repairing and Underpinning Compromised Foundations
What is Underpinning? The term ‘underpinning’ typically refers to strengthening or reinforcing existing structures or systems. In construction, underpinning involves strengthening the foundation of a building to support additional weight or to remedy structural issues. In a broader sense, it can apply to any situation where the existing framework needs support or enhancement rather than complete overhaul. Click on the PDF here for a more detailed overview of Underpinning. 

If the existing structure or system has minor flaws or weaknesses that can be addressed without significant disruption or cost, underpinning might be the preferred option and is generally less expensive and time-consuming compared to rebuilding. 

Costly factors of rebuilding only begin with demolition, hauling and waste tippage. Property owners need to source architects, engineers and trades, and manage their varying availability. Vacating the property for the new structure to be built, combined with locking down storage for all housewares and outdoor amenities, can be an expensive and uncertain process.
If resources are limited or time is a critical factor, underpinning is likely the more practical choice.

Screw Pile Solutions Ltd. partners with qualified and experienced construction and building companies, including reliable house lifting outfits. After carefully surveilling the grade and ground quality surrounding the structure, the entire building is lifted and set carefully on I-beams while the crumbling foundation is dug out and replaced with an engineered, custom foundation anchored securely with specially fabricated screw piles. Once the foundation is ready, the house is again carefully lifted and gently placed and fixed on the new foundation, move-in ready and set to last for years to come. 

Join us next time when we analyse the practical and financial pros and cons of home improvements and additions vs selling and relocating.

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