Our Process 


At Screw PIle Solutions Ltd., we understand that building, construction or renovations can be tricky business. Our promise to get the job done right the first time guides our business and supports customer satisfaction from the first call to project completion. We work with you on on budget, design, timeline, installation and site completion. We have a firm commitment to keeping our customers involved and up to date on all matters concerning their project or their home. Every project follows a detailed, step by step journey to ensure a job well done that will last a lifetime. Or two.

1. Initial Call

We’ll hop on a call to discuss screw piles and if we’re the right fit for your project.

2. Discovery Process

We discuss a plan making sure helical piles is the right solution. Then, review engineered plans (if applicable).

3. Budget Process

Assess all financial aspects of the project to prepare a detailed, comprehensive budget

4. Budget Approval

After any questions or concerns are covered, your approval of the budget gets the gears in motion.

5. Schedule Installation Date

A pile layout drawing for the installation crew is created. Then, we’ll determine the best time to begin the project.

6. Installation

When our crew wraps up, the appropriate connection heads to build on will be ready for trades to begin.

7. No Down Time

There is no down time after the installation is complete, your Screw Pile Solutions foundation is ready to be built on immediately.

8. Invoice & Documentation

The site is released and invoice is issued. A Pile Load Report and detailed copy of the pile layout drawing referencing pile load report is included with your building inspection package.

9. Rest & Relax

Rest easy knowing your project is off to a solid start.

About Screw Pile Solutions


Screw Pile Solutions Ltd.’s Founder, Ed Heppner, believes that buildings and relationships should be built to last on a solid foundation. Screw Pile Solutions Ltd, was constructed to be just that; a service people can rely on to be inventive and innovative, and solid in their promise of a job well done.

Ed Heppner was introduced to Helical Screw Piles as an alternative to concrete piles while working with an construction engineer near Austin, Manitoba and soon realized that screw piles were a solid, practical and efficient option for varying types of soils and cause minimal damage to the property in the installation process.

After launching Firm Foundations for You Inc. in 2010, Ed and his dedicated team of installers have successfully completed installation of 1000’s of screw piles in many applications across Western Manitoba. Screw piles have been installed for use under modular homes and under grade beams, garages, decks, gazebos, cottages, and in commercial applications.

In 2022, following a change in corporate structure, Firm Foundations for You Inc. rebranded as Screw Pile Solutions Ltd.  and continues to deliver the same process, same service, same customer focus.



The proud founder of Screw Pile Solutions Ltd., Ed is also a member of Austin and District Chamber of Commerce and loves to see progress in his community and in the entire region.

Ed, along with his wife Esther, have three daughters, two son-in-laws, and five grandchildren. Ed likes to keep the attitude that ‘Life is Full, Life is Good”, to enjoy life and to celebrate it.

A grounded member of his community, Ed stepped away from his founding role after being elected Mayor for the municipal region, where he continues his commitment to a strong and growing community.



Chad joined Screw PIle Solutions management team in  2015, building on his extensive background in finance, strategic planning and business management, and his many years of working with the public.

Following Ed Heppner’s mayoral success, Chad took the reins of the management of Screw Pile Solutions, and under his leadership, Screw Pile Solutions continues to grow, improve operations, and move into territories beyond central Manitoba, while remaining an anchor in its community.

Chad continually strives to make sure Screw Pile Solutions Ltd. builds and improves. He maintains that if it is not broken, we’re not looking hard enough and believes that growth comes from collaborating with great people and focusing on bringing great people together.

Chad and his wife, Marie, have young twins, a boy and a girl, that keep them on their toes! The twins bring the Bodnarchuk clan to fourth generation in the Austin area, where as a family they are happiest when deeply grounded in their community.

Our success depends on our great team and the exceptional work they do everyday.


Meet Dan, a valued member of the Screw Pile Solutions team for over three years. Bringing expertise and dedication to every project, Dan has been instrumental in our success. When he’s not on the job site, you can find him perfecting his swing on the golf course. His passion for precision and excellence shines through in both his professional and personal life.


Melissa has been an integral part of the Screw Pile Solutions team for over two years, bringing her love for the outdoors into the office environment. Whether it’s travelling, road biking, paddleboarding, or just enjoying nature, Melissa’s adventurous spirit and organizational skills ensure that everything at the office runs smoothly and efficiently, reflecting the dynamism and versatility she enjoys in her outdoor pursuits.


Chance, with Screw Pile Solutions for over 4 years, blends diverse interests from his umpiring days to his hobbies as a gamer, gardener, and artist. His free time might find him on the golf course or lost in his sketches, with hip hop as his soundtrack, though he’s a fan of many music genres.


Keenan joined Screw Pile Solutions over a year ago as summer help and quickly became an invaluable part of the team. With a strong background in farming, Keenan’s work ethic is evident in his approach to the construction aspects of our business, demonstrating dedication and a hands-on attitude that makes a significant impact.