After bidding 2020 a fond farewell, we eagerly looked forward to a brighter 2021 and with that came a formal re-brand launch, defining our brand as Firm Foundations Screw Pile Solutions, proudly representing Postech® Screw Piles as one of their top distributors.

When visiting you will connect with who we are and where it all began, how to request a quote and get answers to popular questions. You will also get important information about our itemized Customer Journey that details everything from your first call to Firm Foundations through quoting, installing, follow up and invoicing.

Our new site is where you will be able to review what kinds of projects Firm Foundations carries out on a regular basis as well as some of the really tricky and inventive solutions Firm Foundations visualizes and implements to ensure customer satisfaction, safety and confidence.

Our continued commitment to customer satisfaction, and the transparency that makes that possible, was front and center while we designed and developed our new site. Answering any and all questions and being available to our customers, is very important to us and will remain a top commitment to you.

Hope to see you soon!

Firm Foundations ScrewPile Solutions
Supporting Your Imagination